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Access fun quotes from Ted Lasso with a CLI built in Go

·2 mins

Ted Lasso

Probably the best show in the world #

Or at least its the show with some of the best quotes!

It was a Friday evening, the kids had gone to bed and I was sitting in my couch watching a Ted Lasso episode or two when it hit me, I want to get a daily dose of Ted Lasso quotes!

I started searching for a place that could provide me with this but all websites I found were either ugly, full of ads or made it difficult in one way or another to read the quotes…

After a glass of wine or two I got a sudden flash of inspiration and decided to do something about it.

After a couple of hours I had built simple website with Go as the backend and Tailwind as the css framework.

Later that weekend I deployed the service on Linode (I really like that service) which was really easy.

But I didn’t feel like this was it, something was missing.

So I spent a little bit of time and created a Ted Lasso Quotes CLI so that anyone can access Ted Lasso quotes in their terminal. A couple of years ago this would probably had been done as a shell script or similar but now a days I tend to write most of my things in Go, so that was the route I went for this CLI. You can clone the repo and build your own binary here