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Is Web3 really the answer to all our problems?

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The simple answer is that it probably isn’t, it might solve some problems, but the important thing to figure out; what are the key things Blockchain & Crypto enable us to do that we can’t already do today?

I’ve always felt that Blockchain is something that possibly could solve some issues that we have today, to be honest though, I never took the time to dig into the details and learn more, I’m not a subject-matter expert by any means!

Last year I bought a bit of Crypto (why didn’t I buy it a couple of years ago!) just to have some skin in the game, forcing me to, at least a bit more interested in Web3, crypto on the different use cases.

Sometime in November I was on Twitter reading about things that was going on in the Go community, that' when I stumbled on to this Tweet from Kelsey Hightower.

I promptly followed him and little did I know that just a couple of weeks later he would do a deep dive into Web3.

If you are interested in tech, how tech impacts society and want to get another perspective on Web3 (Crypto, Blockchain and those buzzwords) then I encourage you to read the Tweets below and not only the tweet itself, but also dig into the discussions that each tweet created.

Full disclosure

Ever since I saw the first couple of tweets from Kelsey regarding Web3, I’ve been telling friends and co-workers about it, urging them to go and read about it themselves, needless to say, it’s not that easy to go to Twitter and find some tweets that someone mentioned. So I decided to create a post where I link to the tweets that I found most interesting, as a way to make it easy for other people to also learn what I learned.

What you will find below is a selection of Tweets that @KelseyHightower made regarding Web3 between December 2021 -> February 2022, I tried to keep them in the timeline that they were posted and at the same time tried to group the different subjects to add some structure.

Web3 - what is it and how does it compare to existing solutions? #

This is biased description for sure but one that I tend to agree with.

I really encourage you to not only read the Tweets but also go through all the comments!

Trust me, there are a few nuggets of gold hidden in the comments.

How does Web3 compare with Web2.0? #

What! It’s possible to make money without ads in Web2.0 😆

De-centralize everything?

I didn’t think of it that way!

The art of asking open ended questions #

Just brilliant!

Hold my beer - things are about to get interesting #

Reading these Tweets helped me gain a new perspective on Web3 and how it impacts society.

Say what 😬

Do you own your own Tweets? #

You really need to read this one and the comments

I completely agree!

Really interesting questions around Web3, society and current systems #

So how would the Bitcoin dream change the issues we have today with abuse of power, racism and oppression? ⬇️ #

Distributed, de-centralized systems, blockchain #